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F5J Models

Vortex 4

Vortex 4 is the new release from Ds Composites. After the Vortex 3 success, Ds Composites wanted to go one step forward in the dlg’s world.

Vortex 3 Electro

Vortex 3 Electro is the new release from Ds Composite. The Vortex 3 Electro is a F5K model. Ds Composite redesigned a new fuselage which you can put motor.

Vortex 3

The Vortex 3 is a high end DLG, based on modified Synergy 2 airfoils and a wing area of just 20 dm. The Vortex 3 has been optimized for high launch and easy handling to allow the pilot to use the softest lift with maximal efficiency and the greatest of ease.

About Us

F5JPro distributes high performance competition gliders of NAN Models.
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